viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2007

A. Mucha

Marcapáginas editados en 2006.
(1) Lilie, 1898 /Lily/Đie Lilie/Le Lys
(2) Warner's Rust Proof Corsets, 1909
(3) Probuzení rána, 1899 /Morning Awakening/Morgenerwachen/Éveil du matin
(4) Luna, 1902 /The Moon/Der Mond/Clair de lune
(5) Snĕní večera, 1899 /Evening Contemplation/Abendträumerei/Rêverie du soir

2 comentarios:

boekworm dijo...

Congratulations with your new blog
I like the work of Muchu very well. I have some bmks related to his paintings. I tried to buy more of them in the museum of Prague, where most of his work is. They don't sell on demand. So I wonder if you have some doubles you will exchange with other bmks from him
Kind regards

María Rosa dijo...

Hola Boekworm
Thanks a lot for your comment.
Unfortunately I don't have any Mucha doubles at the moment. Sorry!
They told you they don't sell on demand? Last summer, when I went to Prague, I had no problem finding these at the Mucha Museum shop. Maybe the year you went they didn't have a store yet?
Again, sorry I can't help you.
María Rosa